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The stories I most often hear people telling themselves are, for example: “Who am I to say this or that? Who am I to do or become this or that? Who am I to have an opinion about this or that or even think about it?”

People are afraid to rise above the standard, to break the unspoken contracts with their family lineage, with their feminine or masculine lineage. And they’re especially afraid of the contracts they have with their parents and their children. But most of all, they’re afraid of the contracts that they signed with their egos, with themselves.

The fear of being seen by old classmates, family, friends, colleagues, etc., is real because they might say: “You may grow this much, but no more than that.” Or “You may take up this much space, but you’re not allowed to master that level of mastery. That’s not what you do … this is what you do!” Or the ego might say: “You’re smart, but what you’re doing now … you really cannot do that!” Or “Okay, you know what you’re talking about, but this goes a step too far. Who do you think you are?”

You tend to associate yourself with the old ideas of people who used to watch you. And the ego projects these ideas unto you. You must become aware of this because this is, in fact, the sneaky stuff that takes place under the radar. The whispering voice in your head is almost unnoticeable, but its impact is huge. It’s the last sentence … it’s the last word. You might state: “I’m a super-powerful healer.” And the voice of the ego will quietly say: “No, you’re not.” “I wish to have a 10k revenue per month.” —“You’ll never make that!” “I know how to change and transform other people’s lives.” —“Start with your own life first.” “I’m a leader in my industry and an excellent coach.” —“Don’t make me laugh. What nonsense.”

If you avoid dealing with this “mud,” this “junk,” and don’t ever confront this “shit consciousness,” it’s going to run the show and take over your personal and professional life. Therefore, you must let your light shine on this darkness, on this fear, on all the judgments. It can be frightening, even terrifying, when others see you in your true power. What might other people, like your family, friends, or target audience, say about you? The ego … how will it come across? How will it be received? How will it resonate? What will the reactions be because you might trigger someone else? Or the ego could be tilting; that’s one of the biggest fears.

People are afraid of their egos. They’re afraid that they can’t handle the power of their egos―afraid that their egos will knock them out. Our job as coaches, as light workers, as healers, and as powerful entrepreneurs, is to be centered in ourselves and closely hear the voice of our Higher selves, the voice of our souls, instead of listening to the ego. Then comes the realization that the one who is allowed to see us is ourselves.

When you begin to hear the unique voice of your Higher Self; when you start modeling the higher self; when you begin to apply this to all areas of your life and truly give yourself permission to rise above the norm and recognize that it is safe for you to be in that position, the chakras open. You speak the words that need to be spoken, with an open throat chakra. With an open crown chakra, wisdom and creativity can flow through you. Everything you do, you do with strength and with leadership. Activities such as talking in front of a camera or into a microphone, and standing in front of groups, for example, are no longer a problem.

A power flows through you. And even if others judge you, you will truly be an example to others by bringing this power back to you and acknowledging that the person you need to see is yourself.

―Ishtara Araminta

How to Become an Example for Others

December 20, 2022

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