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The quickest way to connect with your heart, with your intuition, is by being 100% sure of it that Higher Guidance is available to you. If you have the conviction that this is not the case, then this is also what you are creating.
You will be a vibrational match for ‘lower guidance;’ for guidance that makes you believe it’s impossible to understand and interpret your intuition―resulting in you feeling unsupported and having no confidence in yourself.

The most effective way to learn to trust your intuition is to say: “I believe there is Higher Guidance available to me.” Because that is, after all, what you want. You want to take your life to the next level, to a higher plan. And the first step is always being the first to believe that it is indeed available to you.
It all starts with you because if you don’t believe that higher guidance is available to you, then who will? What is the likelihood that other people will believe that you are achieving the next level?
It is you who must learn to carry yourself to that belief. You are the one with whom it starts.

If you believe there is Higher Guidance, it’s possible for you to download this Divine intelligence into your body, heart, and mind. Then, this will be your starting point for achieving this guidance in your life.
If you keep making up all kinds of arguments and all kinds of reasons why Higher Guidance, why intuition, why this is not available to you in your life, then you will continue to manifest this belief.

It all begins with mindset. The words and thoughts in your mind are what you believe about yourself. What your mind is telling you will also affect your feelings―how you feel about yourself is a big part of what determines your feelings. And ultimately, how you feel―so your feelings―will determine how you behave, do, and show (up in) the world.

Everything is connected. Everything impacts one another: the beliefs you have; your thoughts; your internal voices; the feelings you have; your behavior; how you function, etc.

If you want to live from your intuitive self, and thus make intuitive choices, then step one is to come to the belief that Higher Guidance is available to you. Not a day from now, not a week from now, and not when you have that title to your name, achieved that degree, or received that medal―but now!

Everything exists in the now, in the present moment, and is already available to you. If you can think of it and feel what you think, then you can manifest the thought; then you can create it.
You are then generating a frequency in your system. And this frequency―the electricity that is being generated―is what you end up creating. It is the manifestation that is going to reveal itself on your path!

Therefore, I encourage you to carry yourself with conviction: “Yes, I have higher guidance available to me. Yes, I am able to make the best decisions in my life for myself and my loved ones; for the world; for humanity. Yes, I do what my heart tells me to do, and it feels great. Wow!” And then feel the expansion in your heart. Feel the resonance in your body and system.
This resonance, this frequency, this vibration is being released by ‘thought feeling;’ Superconsciousness and the heart are connected.

Begin with step one. From now on, rather than tomorrow, believe that higher guidance is available to you―into infinity and beyond.

―Ishtara Araminta

Believe Higher Guidance is Available

January 2, 2023

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